We hope our family, our friends and guests will join us in our journey. 

Here is how to proceed for those who wish to live our life for a few days of shared humanity.

Sail2See is a journey Françoise and Pascal have conceived as a life exploration of today's world, a life style of a couple that enjoy being together, and most important a shared time with both new friends to meet and those we know who want to join us.
Our vision is to build a life style of exchanges, adventures on land, at sea and below. To have our own home so we do not interfere with people we meet while being able to bring them our know how, our views and experience, ... and knowing they will give us much.

Our 4 children Laurent, Agate, Eric and Adrien have an open invitation to join us. We will finance once a year their journey to join us and provide all life necessities with the only condition being that they come for at least 2 weeks. Indeed, taking a plane and joining our life-style requires enough time to adjust and time to share real moments after being apart for a while.


Our friends are invited to join us as well. The boat has 4 cabins which means that we can at most have 3 couples on board besides ourselves. Most of the time one of the cabins will be used for storage, but we can easily plan to re-organize when friends arrive. We will attempt to have a maximum of 6 persons on board as this preserves space for individual time.
You can even come with your friends, in this case let's just discuss it ahead of inviting them for coordination purposes.

Time with us & coordination
We welcome you aboard for the length of time you want or can dispose of, you just need to plan your arrival and most likely your departure in order to insure you can join us where we are and leave from a place that has some sort of transportation. Generally we will organise ourselves so that we sail not too far from an airport when you arrive and either return to the pickup point or arrange to have a means of transportation to get you back to our airport of departure.
When you announce your arrival we will plan together the navigation so that your input can orient our program within the limits of the weather ... always a limit.

Life on board
We propose to share all aspects of life on board from navigation to cooking, in the relaxed way that characterises our life style. So that you really feel free we will ask you to contribute to the general costs of the life style by budgeting 15€ a day per person for the duration of your stay (we updated from 10€ as we have found that we were financing on top of making you welcome) . This should cover harbour fees when applicable (rarely unless you invite us), boat fuel, and all such things. Food and drinks we will purchase and share costs (unless you require Captain Haddock's regime of 2 bottles of whiskey per day!) by creating a kitty when you arrive.

What you need
Depending on the sailing program you'll need clothing that is adapted. 
Concerning bedding we provide pillow and either you bring a sleeping bag or we arrange to have on board what you need, possibly purchase locally to avoid your having to carry things.
For your leisures we recommend a bath towel and any "toys" you might want. Having good reading material is generally appreciated.
The boat is equipped for diving. We only dive with experienced divers or else arrange to have a professional diver on-board. If you dive, please bring your equipment as we only provide a tank, weights and the required material for a group to dive but no individual equipment. Again this can sometimes be rented locally but needs to be organised ahead of time.
As we travel we may enter or exit national territories. WE MUST have your passport when you arrive  and will keep it until you leave. The ship is an international entity, once aboard the legal status is that you are under the authority of the Captain and on an American boat. All official papers will be dealt with by the Captain at each arrival in a port of call and no one can leave the boat until the paperwork is dealt with.
No illegal drugs, or any other illegal material will be tolerated. You would be sole responsible and should we discover anything it becomes a reason for debarking immediately regardless of where we are.


You who are reading about this journey may wish to join us. It is both possible and we welcome meeting people who find our way of life to be something to experience. The basic agreement is that for a participation cost you live the same life that you read about on our blog. We want you to "feel at home" so this is not a fancy hotel service but more an adventure program with the real stuff each day as we share our lives with you.
Please read ALL of what we say above to our friends as the only difference is "life on board" which we will discuss below. The principle is that we welcome you just like our friends but ask you to contribute financially in exchange of having the opportunity to "live as if this was your daily life" sharing our way-of-life on board.
You don't need to invest, you have a captain and a hostess available, and you get to do and act as if you were living this 365 days a year ... for as many days as we together agree is a good idea.

HOW to organise
You send us an email and tell us when you'd like to join and for how long. Obviously you'll have looked at our sailing program and choose your dates and place of arrival accordingly. At times we may not be able to have you so please plan to reserve at least one to three months ahead. 

We would like to know something about you so do not hesitate to write to us about yourselves, why you would like to join our journey and what you'd like to do when aboard.
We then will contact you at the next port of call and arrange the details.

Life on board
You will be our guests which means we will provide all required food and reasonable amounts of drinks. Please let us know of any food restrictions, special things you like and we will attempt to accommodate for them.
We will plan our sailing program and our daily activities so that you can enjoy your time on board and make the most of it. Please see the description of all our facilities. The only constraint will be weather conditions which may impose for us to stay or go, the Captain is the one to decide.

Due to our sailing in regions that are "way out of the way" usually, we recommend that you plan to stay with us at least a week. Our guests generally stay from 10 to 20 days based on how much vacation they can manage and the program they wish to target (notice that it's a target but weather and  many other factors can affect the initial "target" even if we will do our best ... the goal is safety, fun, pleasure, discovery and sharing in all cases).

What we propose
We love nature, the "impossible" naked beaches, the wild life above and below the water, the pleasure of sailing trade winds, eating what we fish or collect and discovering unthreaded islands or meeting local people with their ways of life.

A typical stay with us includes:
- welcoming you in a harbour (we can arrange to pick you up at an airport by taxi)
- sailing to a general area destination for a day or two
- exploring a few days the area you chose as the target stay
       breakfast, leisurely mornings with possibly a dive, lunch on board or picnic on land, afternoon dive or exploration, shared afternoon prior to "aperitif" (alcool or not) with appetisers, music, reading, diner, and a shared or quiet evening under the stars.
- return to original arrival site or new departure harbour with if possible pauses along the way.
YOU are the ones who suggest the program. Some will want more sailing, others more diving, others more land excusions or waterways inland ... You are our GUESTS, this means you are the ones who orient the program within the limitations of the weather and security.
A program is a framework, the real stay is a compromise between the framework, the external conditions and how you experience things which can create modifications to accommodate (ex: if one of the guests is seasick, we'll sail less and explore landsites or underwater more, choose less exposed anchorages, ... etc, or if all are GO then we can add places and events to "do more" as it becomes possible). Our experience shows that often after exchanging with you, we find the right compromise and it works out for the best.

On board
We are autonomous in water and energy. This means we can leave civilisation on your arrival and only return the day you leave. With 3 refrigerators on board we can have fresh food for more than a week.
Our stereophonic music system using bleutooth or minijack external inputs, local radio, and CD player is yours to use ... (we have tender ears). Films can be played if you bring them (VLC compatible and over 1000 films on board).
We have a Satellite phone and data system which enables us to call and receive international transmissions. These are more for weather information, exceptional use and emergency. Should you need to use it let us know ahead. Phone conversations are often difficult or impossible even with world wide coverage.
We have a 6hp dinghy which means you can leave the boat and go on excursions.

Those who wish to dive must be at least OPEN WATER DIVERS as defined by PADY or equivalent since we assume NO responsibility for your diving (insurance issue). We provide up to 4 air tanks (13.5l ) and weights, we accompany you with the dinghy to get to the site and can join the dive if you wish. Should you require a diving master we have reliable persons available and you can make arrangements with them. We can organise your rental of equipment in many areas but not everywhere.

Your individual contribution to life on board:
We welcome guests without any intention of running a commercial venture. We only welcome guest 2 or 3 weeks a year. Our objective is to meet interesting folks, share and have help to keep our life style.

- For the boat a flat fee (shared between the 4 passengers) witch means that if you come alone you pay $300/day and if you are 4 it's $75/day. Harbour fees, should you want to stay in harbours are paid by our guests since we generally only dock temporarily to supply but rarely, very rarely, stay in harbours.
- For food and lodging $125/day/person
- For diving (once or twice a day depending on your choice), excursions, etc  $50/day
This means that 4 persons should budget $250 per day less $100 during the stay since we cannot generally manage activities the first and last day.
You'll send us a non refundable bank wire transfer deposit (50%) so we can block the dates and prepare the boat

◊ Plan to come with family or friends. We like to think "all included" but any costs prior, after, or that you incur specifically during your stay (on land such as visits, restaurants, rentals ... etc) are your expenses.
◊ Please note, we are insured for most things but we will ask you to pay the deductible amounts should you damage or destroy equipment (example the dingy, canoe, etc) and any replacement costs (such as shipping).
◊ The financial "participation" is only to help make possible our ability to welcome you aboard. Legally and in our view, you are new acquaintances (friends) who come aboard for a short time and are just sharing the costs. This is important as it affects insurance and legal matters, keeping the costs low. You will sign a statement to this effect when you arrive so that we are, you and us, protected.

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