Sunday, January 15, 2017

Getting prepared to go ... 2-3 weeks!

It’s been several months now that we are focussed on getting ready. Amazing what has to be done to insure that the “home environment” is organized to be autonomous. Administratively it’s difficult to get the administration and all supplier accounts manageable from internet. Family wise I sense that changing life-style and being “out of reach” makes things difficult.
Concerning the boat, Sail2See, the month on the Mediterranean generated a 3 page list of things to do to compensate the 18 months of use by novice or incompetent vacationers. Happily QuoVadis is a responsible firm that has agreed to assume costs associated to putting the boat back in normal conditions. Beyond that we have to invest in “live on board” equipment in order to be autonomous in energy, water, communications and be able to dive anywhere.
Months of searching on internet for reliable cost effective solutions, meeting suppliers and obtaining specifications that guarantee both workable solutions and quality. Registering the boat in the US and obtaining papers is a long procedure. We now have 2 weeks to finalize all of these items and be able to say goodbye to family and friends.
Here is a general list:
- boat communications and entertainment
- boat energy (batteries, electric generator, solar panels, revision of circuits initially poorly installed)
- converting salt water into fresh water and then making sure it’s sanitized for drinking
- diving compressor and diving equipment. Designing system for securing tanks on board.
- medical supplies capable of dealing with all needs when 3 weeks from any medical facility
- administrative transfer of the boat ownership and insurance
- equipping the boat with kitchenware, linen and bedding
- installing modified sailing equipment (storm sail, deck installations, electric winch …)

2 weeks from expected departure we are compiling a list of tests to ensure that all the boat installations are fully operational and will not pose problems once we head for the Mayorca where our friend Max is expecting us.

The GOOD NEWS is that our friends Eric & Anne will join un in Mayorca and sail with us t’ill Gibraltar. This will give them a good feel for their next planed journey with us across the Atlantic. Then we’ll head for the Canaries and there Philippe, Sophie and my second father Claude, 92 years old will join us to go to Cap Verde. What a joy to be accompanies like this.
We’ll head for Guadeloupe where Annie and Donald are expecting us and hopefully some friends and Eric, Françoise’s son will join us. In late June or early July my cousin Jean Claude, his wife Claude and Francis their son will probably join us a week or two.

For now we’ll say STAY TUNED, and we’ll share as we can these wonderful perspectives.