Friday, September 30, 2016

Two weeks in California and Arizona to see friends and make final preparations to be able to leave on our journey. Françoise has eyes wide open as she discovers the size of america. My friends, some of whom I have not seen for years, greet us just as if we had left them last week. The paths we are on are so parallel that what happens in our lives brings us closer as we gain experience. We are able to discuss and talk about the thing s that matter without having to take precautions. Life, life's journey, the meaning of it and what we are facing are all "growing" discussions where the exchange confirms both our friendship, our values and gives us insight on who we are.
Pascal & Harriet Blume out on a walk in Monterey

Françoise discovers the Pacific Ocean

Seagull posing for the tourists

Young Seals sunning in southern California

Françoise on route 66 in her Ford Mustang convertible

Memorabilia of the mythic Route 66

Sedona red rocks ... a natural wonder

Grand Canyon 

It gets hot! 41°centigrade in the desert

Nathalie at our lunch break over Grand Canyon

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