Captain's LOG

This is the log book format we will be using 

It needs to be in a book format where pages cannot be removed or changed
The sailing log will be only on the right pages, thus leaving the pages on the left for essential information such as:
- Ship occupants on arrival and departures
- Events occurring "out of the ordinary", including 'fix it' items
- Documentation of port authority requirements
- Legal matters (ex: entry and exit from a country, rights of passage etc)

I will be thus writing by hand and include here a picture of the log book


Navigation law requires a captain to keep a log of all navigation main parameters. 
La loi de la navigation exige que le capitaine tienne un livre de bord.
Nous recopierons ici ce livre de bord par ordre chronologique du plus récent au plus ancien.
We'll post here regularly the captain's log starting from most recent.
Merci de vos commentaires - Thanks for any remarks you might make
Log is in English (utiliser le traducteur si besoin)

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